๐Ÿ›’PancakeSwap IFOs Access

Join PancakeSwap IFOs through Cakepie

As the top veCAKE holder, with an accumulation of over 11 million locked CAKE tokens, Cakepie gains access to participate in upcoming IFOs from PancakeSwap. Having such a substantial quantity of veCAKE enables Cakepie to share a considerable amount of the token sales.

Who can participate in upcoming IFOs through Cakepie?

The IFO access is shared between mCAKE Stability Vault participants from Cakepie. When PancakeSwap hosts an IFO, mCAKE SV participants will be able to contribute CAKE tokens via Cakepieโ€™s IFO page.

Note: mCAKE SV in cooldown does not qualify for IFO allocation.

The number of CAKE tokens that can be committed by mCAKE SV participants will be calculated based on their mCAKE locked in the mCAKE Stability Vault. For instance: โ€œUser Aโ€ holds 3,000 mCAKE locked in the Stability Vault, representing 10% of the total mCAKE in the Stability Vault. Therefore, he can commit a proportional CAKE amount to acquire 10% of the total tokens acquired by Cakepie at IFO.

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