Create a Liquidity Pair on PancakeSwap & Deposit on Cakepie

PancakeSwap liquidity providers can automatically enhance their passive income via Cakepie without the need to lock any CAKE as veCAKE.

1. Enter PancakeSwap

2. Create a Liquidity Pair on PancakeSwap

  • Create a liquidity pair on: V3, Stableswap or V2.

3. Select what tokens you want to provide as liquidity.

  • Deposit USDC and USDT.

  • Select the Liquidity Range (Example Full Range)

  • Enable USDC

  • Enable USDT

4. Add your Liquidity

After completing the steps above, users can proceed to stake their liquidity on Cakepie.

5. Enter Cakepie and select the Stake Tab.

6. Select a Liquidity Pair to deposit your assets.

After providing liquidity for a specific pair on PancakeSwap, users can deposit their liquidity on Cakepie's corresponding pools to maximize their CAKE rewards.

7. Stake your liquidity on Cakepie to maximize your passive income

8. Users can select to unstake their liquidity from Cakepie

9. Users can remove their liquidity directly through Cakepie

  • Users must select the amount of total funds that want to remove