The Cakepie Voting Market

Monetize you voting power

1. Enter Cakepie

2. Navigate to the "Vote" tab

3. Cakepie's veCAKE Dashboard

4. Select a pair to vote for

5. Check the voting rewards APR you can get by voting for different pairs

6. Check the total incentives amount in $ offered by each pair

7. Check the amount of votes allocated to each pair

8. Allocate your vlCKP votes

9. Open any pair to see reward details


  • Gauges weight voting is conducted every two weeks. The beginning of an epoch, just like revenue sharing, is at 00:00 UTC every even Thursdays

  • The amount of incentives offered by each pair is divided among the total votes received by each pair

  • Users can vote for pairs on different networks and receive incentives in different networks

  • Rewards are distributed bi-weekly and must be claimed on Cakepie's "Claim" tab. Users will receive their incentives within 48 hours after each epoch ends

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